Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More of Canada College

Canada college 2011 has more programs that i can take advantage of them. As a student you need more to choose from and something to fit your busy schedule. College students are from many ages, many of them have kids, family to take care of and also work. Its hard to go to school and work at the same time because, now school has required more hours that you have to do. Now Canada the learning center is open until 9pm Monday to Thursday, so now students can have more time for they school work. Also Canada offers Financial Aid for those low income students.They also have more tutors that can help students for homework if they are having trouble with the homework. I really like the idea about that the student center s open untill 9 because alot of students work or have kids so maybe they cant stay and they can come back at night. Also i like that the financial aid can give you money for your books or your classes or that i can also pay the feeds later you dont have to pay they right away.

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  1. Belen, you are very accurate in your description of the diversity of students at our college. This helps give our campus an interesting personality! I am glad that you appreciate the many efforts of the Learning Center and Financial Aid, for example. All of the services want to help the busy students!Jeanne